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I had been in engineering my adult life, and I started a landscaping company, which wasn’t the greatest idea because I have a bad back to begin with.

-Trimming only a few minutes would hurt my back and shoulders, but I would have to trim for hours and hours.

I needed a solution to ease my pain because the trimmers and blowers were really heavy.

-Traditional fixed length straps just didn’t help. They made the problem worse.

If I tried to trim around a mailbox 8 inches, my shoulder would have to move 8 inches, because I’m tied to the trimmer with a fixed length strap.

-That means for every object I had to trim around, I had to take multiple baby steps, which is so in-efficient that it actually makes trimming more difficult.

I wouldn’t even use the strap because it was actually more painful, and made me even more tired; and I found out, most people are the same way.

So every time I used the trimmer, I would be obsessed with trying to figure out a solution. I think my first thought was a giant bunch of helium balloons ..

Eventually I thought of maybe an extension spring, and that didn’t really work out to good;  but that led me to try a tool balancer, and that was way to heavy. Then it just
popped into my mind, I NEED bungee suspension.

-Once I got started, I went through the whole process in about 1 week, and had a working bungee prototype.

When I tried that very first prototype, I really think it was one of the happiest days of my life. A job that used to give me pain in about 10 mins, I could now do the whole
day long, pain free.

- It feels like the string trimmer is just floating in your hands. Its really the most awesome feeling.

At the time Michael, I was just happy I had found a solution for me to be honest with you. But in a few weeks I realized everyone needs this invention. And that’s where the
journey started.

Why is the technology superior to anything on the market now?

Because; it’s a simple but extremely effective bungee suspension system.

The greatest benefit is that it allows you to move the string trimmer or blower independently of your shoulder – but have the bungee suspension support of the weight the
entire time.

You can reach around the corner of a house, or around a flower bed as far as your arms can reach without having to take multiple baby steps to cover the area. And you’
re not lugging the trimmer around; its just sort of floating in your hands.

The second greatest feature is the shoulder pad.  We use a hand sewn quilted shoulder pad that has foam inserts.

And our shoulder pad works in conjunction with the flexible suspension so that the weight is largely absorbed by the suspension system, and that which isn’t is
transferred into a comfortable quilted shoulder pad.

The technology its self is really simple; but that’s all that was needed, was a simple solution…. You know, people have developed elaborate harnesses, that still restrict
the operators movement of the trimmer; and now they are focusing on smaller trimmers by reducing the horse power; but all they ever needed was a common sense
suspension system.   

So in the final design, we focused on simplicity and a low profile; so that it feels like you are not even wearing anything; but at the same time the trimmer seems to be
floating in your hands.

And of course, we had to design it, so that it would connect to any trimmer, edger or blower without any additional hardware. And we did all these things.

We really dont understand why its taken 40 years since the first weedeater was sold for this product- application to be brought to the market.

But we look at it as better late than never, and so do our customers.

What are the specific features

Well the best feature is that its not just a string trimmer strap. It’s a universal landscaping strap; that can also be used with blowers, and straight shaft edgers too.

We have a very simple proprietary connection system, using a ball and loop that allows the Trimmer Assist to connect to all models; everything you need is supplied.

But it also features a secondary buckle quick disconnect, that is very easy to use.

It has an adjustment system, so that its adjustable for one size fits all.

And as far as I know, our Trimmer Assist is the worlds only quilted and padded shoulder pad in the trimmer or blower industry.

It boggles my mind, why manufacturers of the conventional fixed length straps choose to use hard plastic shoulder pads. That’s makes as much sense as buying a
basketball to use as a pillow.

But … now that I think about it; really, the best feature is that it relieves pain and fatigue.

Its hard to measure how much pain something takes away from you … but its like this…

Usually after 5 minutes of carrying a string trimmer; you begin thinking; “how much longer do I have to do this” … “My shoulders are already killing me”.

But with the Trimmer Assist; even 20 minutes into it, all you can think about is how much fun this is. When there is no pain to occupy your mind, and you don’t feel your
muscles burning, and your hands aren’t vibrating, you actually start having fun with it.

And the whole Trimmer Assist weights only 5 ounces.   Its unbelievable we were able to get the weight so low.

Are you making it in the USA?

Excellent question!

An upstart company cant produce massive volumes of their product; so the initial volumes are low in comparison to when you have full global distribution networks set up.

With initial volumes in the textile industry,  the retail price would have to be so high, that it would simply be too high for people to purchase the product.  It just wasn’t
possible for us to do that from the start. We did as much as we could, which was the assembly and packaging.

But we have reached out to MADE IN THE USA BRANDS – which is an organization that supplies manufacturing resources for upstart companies, and certification. We
met them at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas.

They are a strong ally to use for resources; when a company thinks about USA manufacturing.

Its very ironic; that I found out MADE IN USA BRANDS is sponsoring the very same NASCAR driver that I am. Max Gresham, No. 8,  of the CAMPING WORLD TRUCK
SERIES.  So that was obviously a good omen for us… to fully convert to USA manufacturing.

And now that our volumes have increased we are looking to move fully into USA manufacturing, by starting our own plant. As a matter of fact, I’m just now announcing on
your show that we have launched a crowd-funding campaign to set up full USA manufacturing.

This is the only way we can circumvent the outsourcing problem new product development companies face, because the textile industry is all but gone; so we have to
recreate it ourselves.

We are looking to convert all our products to USA made, by setting up the factory ourselves.  

As we are growing as a company, it just doesn’t make sense that we have to send our money overseas rather than hire US workers. It just doesn’t make any sense. But
the system has changed so much; that for products like ours, you are forced to make it overseas, or you have to do something really big.

So we have created a big community project. And we will need the help of the community to spread the word.  We need everyone to visit the site; tell your friends, and
help us out.

If anyone would like to help us do that, all they have to do is stop by our website where we have a link to the project.  TRIMMERASSIST.COM

Where do you expect to be in 5 years from now?

Well we will definitely be on the shelf of every major retail store in America. That has to happen, because our product is a total advancement to the conventional fixed
length trimmer straps.

When you develop a superior product, people want it. When that product reduces pain and discomfort, the market just makes a way for it.

In 5 years we will be a household name. I expect the conventional trimmer straps will simply be pulled from the shelves, because we made them obsolete.

But that’s the way the market works, the new and better product moves ahead.

We will also have several other products in our line. In fact,  again, for the first time, I’m right now on your show, announcing we have developed a suspension system for
metal detectors;

THE DETECTOR ASSSIT; and that product has just gone up on our site today. People can go to our site today and check that out, and place and order.  (trimmerassist.

I’m really excited about that, because our suspension system is the only product of its kind in the metal detector industry, just like the Trimmer Assist is the only
suspension system in the trimmer or blower industry.

We have actually created a whole new line of tools that didn’t previously exist; tools that made obsolete everything before them.

And, in about 6 months we will be introducing other products beyond the suspension systems.  

So in 5 years; we will dominate the market in our specific product areas. We will be fully USA manufactured; and creating new un-expect products.