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Will the Trimmer Assist fit my String Trimmer or my Blower?
Absolutely. Even if I do not have your model of string trimmer listed on my page, it will still fit your model. It
is completely universal. I would note though, if you have an electric trimmer, or one of those miniature
battery operated trimmers, you simply do not need a strap. With those style trimmers, you have sacrificed
horse power and speed for the loss of weight.

Will the Trimmer Assist hold the weight of my String Trimmer or Blower?
Yes. It was designed to assist holding the weight of 15 pounds and will handle a little more or anything less.

How durable is the Trimmer Assist?
It is extremely durable. I have never had one customer ask for a new strap. It is made with high quality
parts and materials.

Why is the Trimmer Assist better than the usual Strap?
This is truly an innovative product. There is a built in bungee (shock absorbing system) that completely
relieves the usual discomfort with a traditional
weed wacker strap.

This also provides you with full mobility where a traditional strap limits your movements. While using
conventional string trimmer straps, the shoulder must move in exact proportion with the trimmer head;
which causes the operator to take multiple baby steps. The Trimmer Assist solves this problem.

The Trimmer Assist also has the softest shoulder pad that we know of.
The combination of these elements is simply awesome. For this reason, I do not consider the Trimmer
Assist a
string trimmer strap at all. That is why I call it a
Trimmer Assist. The function is that the trimmer head can move independently of the shoulder.

I have MS and wonder if it will help me with my Trimming.
Absolutely!. I have 2 testimonials from customers with MS who praised me for my invention because they
can now complete their own string trimming. I have been sent hundreds of testimonials congratulating me
for creating such an innovative product.

Can I purchase the Trimmer Assist anywhere else?
The Trimmer Assist is now being sold in 63 countries through Rotary Corp and distribution partners, as
well as any Southerlands Lumber Home Improvement chain stores and Home Depot, Amazon, Sears and
Walmart dot com.

I am a really big guy; Will the Trimmer Assist fit me?  
Yes it will fit, as it is fully adjustable to fit any size person.

Really, how well made is the Trimmer Assist?
Well I have the only one that has been in service the longest (6 years) and it is still working as good as
new. Of course I've had to replace the bungee; Keep in mind the Trimmer Assist is hand made! Sure, an
automatic sewing machine is used, but there is a real person operating the sewing machine. I challenge
anyone to destroy one by wearing it out!

Will the Trimmer Assist strap work on a brush cutter?
Not really; a brush cutter is designed with handle bars and is not used in the same way as a string trimmer
or weedeater.

Why does the 'Market" not sell leaf blower straps?
Honestly I do not know. Holding a hand held leaf blower for more than 5 minutes, becomes one of the most
uncomfortable expereinces, as I'm sure you know. Not only the wieght of the blower that makes your
muscles burn with pain, but the vibration of the engine just pounds your hand and arm. Seems like a well
paid engineer would have developed a suspension strap by now doesnt it? lol. Well better late than never!
So if you are wondering "where can I find a strap for my leaf blower", you have found it!

Have any other questions?
Just email me, tony(at)
Remember, the Trimmer Assist was initially
designed to work with string trimmers.  

However,   it became obvious that it works
perfectly with hand held blowers and edgers
as well. You can easily  swap  the Trimmer
Assist  between  tools, or order one for

You may even invent a new use for it. If you
do, please let us know!
Quote from Tony Hanes, inventor of the
Trimmer Assist;

“to date, the only solution for this problem
has been the conventional fixed length
strap. This of course, was no solution at all.

If the trimmer head must move 6 inches
around a mailbox, the shoulder must also
move 6 inches; as they are tied together
with a fixed length strap. This would be like
trying to write a letter with your arm held
straight; which would be utterly impossible.  

This explains why most people prefer not
using a conventional strap, as it simply
creates more problems than it solves.

To write a letter, we need an elbow; to
provide support and flexibility.  And string
trimmers need suspension. The operator
must have the flexibility to reach around
obstacles and still have flexible support.”  
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