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A Weed Wacker is truly one of the most clever and useful inventions mankind has created. If
you are as old as I am, you will remember using a pair of lawn scissors to trim the edges of the

That’s right, crawling around on your hands and knees along each edge of the lawn and around
bushes. Snip – snip – snip. Talk about corporal tunnel syndrome!  

Then, one extremely clever man, in the 1970’s invented a motorized contraption called the
Weed Wacker.  A small motor turning a piece of heavy duty mono filament fishing line, tore that
grass us like a mini helicopter blades.

It was at that time, humanity realized the clouds had parted, the sun came out, and mankind
had found their enlightenment! Well, maybe that’s a little overstatement, but it was a wonderful
day indeed.

After the hoop-la had dissipated to some extent, everyone noticed they were still holding their
lower backs, and were still in a great amount of pain. That damn Weed Wacker was heavy!

Not only was it heavy, but it had a particular type of vibration that lasted long after the machine
was turned off. A tingling sensation as if spiders were somehow crawling under the skin.
Muscles in strange places were burning. Forearms began to grow to such sizes that poppie
would be jealous.

What oh what could man develop to reduce this new trauma of pain? Well it was the
Wacker strap.  They would create a strap that wraps over the shoulder, and ties to the machine
to support the weight! Marvelous!

Just one problem with that brilliant idea though; if you need to move the trimmer head 6 inches
behind a bush, your shoulder must also move 6 inches. That means, you are constantly moving
your feet around like a Celtic rain dancer to simply trim around a mailbox.

What a waste of energy!

Another product flaw showed up soon afterward. Some Harvard graduate engineer of
mechanics decided to create a shoulder pad out of a piece of hard plastic.  What was he
thinking? Did he use a basketball at home, as a pillow I wonder? Probably not.

Well it soon became obvious to most people, that this new-fangled fixed length Weed Wacker
strap created more problems than it solved.

Fast forward 4 decades later, and the same dysfunctional strap was still on the market.

Until, one day, a simple man was trimming his lawn. He thought, “oh my god, this is painful”.

“First of all my shoulder is hurting from this piece of hard plastic digging into my shoulder. For
another thing, my feet are moving all over the place, because I cant reach out around objects.
There just has to be a better way of doing this.”

Well this simple man, he had little education; thought “if I just had a bungee system on here, that
would support the weight, and still allow me to reach out around objects, then I could do this
without any pain”.

So off to his garage he went. Digging around in jars of parts and pieces, he pulled out some
bungee cord and got busy developing the second greatest invention of modern man. The
Trimmer Assist – worlds only Weed Wacker suspension system.

Now if you want to know the rest of the story, on  how the weed wacker changed my life ...
weed wacker
electric weed wacker
This is an electic weed  wacker.  The
Trimmer Assist does not work on this
model, because its so light you simply
do not need it. The  down side to this
model is it lacks horsepower to knock
down weeds, and  you are constantly
tripping over the electrical cord.
gas weed wacker
This is a gas Weed Wacker. This is the
model you want for  horse  power,  and
durability. You can  purchase  either  2
stroke  or 4  stoke  models.  Either  are
fine. But you absolutely need to  use  a
Trimmer Assist with these models.
weed wacker support
And this is the infamous Trimmer
Assist with use  on  a  gas  Weed
Wacker.  Notice  the  comfortable
shoulder   pad,  the   light-weight
design, and the flexible nature of
the bungee suspension.
I really didn't know a string trimmer  from  a
weed wacker. ps .. they are the same thing!

It was a  big  challenge  in  the  beginning.  I
wasn't aware of any of the numerous details
one has to know to bring  a  product  to  the

I would  have  to  manufacture  the  product;
learn how to make web pages. I didn't know
anything about product development.
So, everything came along step by step. I needed a manufacturer. So I looked for one. I needed to create a webpage that would be noticed out of the thousands of
weed wacker websites, so I learned how to do that. I learned how to connect with buyers. I learned photo shop. I learned how to use google to maximize my
research efforts. It became a living passion.

This was not an overnight success. A 10 year journey all in all. Just goes to show you though, if you have a good product, and keep at it, the market will find it.