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Meet   the  World’s  Only  Pain  Relieving  Detector Assist;   Metal  
Detector  Strap  Suspension;   by the   makers  of  Trimmer Assist
brand.  With the Detector Assist, the metal detector seems to float
in your hands as the bungee suspension handles the  weight with
4 strand' s of bungee shock-absorbing recoil   action.  Upon  your  
shoulder, is the  worlds  most   comfortable  quilted  shoulder  pad
(tough  denim   with   foam   cushion).   And   this   amazing   tech-
nological revolution of  he  Detector  Assist  bungee  suspension...   
weights  only  5 ounces.
Our Detector Assist features a proprietary connection system,  
that  connects  to  all  models   of  
metal detectors. Additionally
we have a proprietary quick ball and loop attachment system for
quick and easy connection  of detector to Detector Assist. This
allows you the ease of quick disconnection to set detector aside,
so you can dig your amazing finds.
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One Detector Assist, Only $19.95  + $6.50 S&H
Full 60 day Guarantee for your full satisfaction!
Detector Assist  Complete Unit
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Our Trimmer Assist brand was initially  developed  for  string
trimmer and blower suspension.

While running routine site analytics, it  was  discovered  that the
Trimmer Assist was being talked about in metal detecting forums.

A NEW DISCOVERY! So we made  a  slight  modification  to the
Trimmer Assist to improve  the  biomechanica l operation of the
suspension system; specifically for detectors, and  the "Detector
Assist" was born.
Want to see a really great metal detecting magazine that shows
you some awesome finds? Have a look at "Up Yer Kilt" from
Scotland! Click on logo.
metal detector strap
Detector Assist now available through Global
Distribution through Whites Electronics and
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